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Maize Starch Powder

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Maize Starch is a mixture of polysaccharides about 74 % amylopectin and 26 % amylose.

We manufactures Maize Starch Powder, from good quality maize in most modern plant under good manufacturing practice to suit the requirements of Food Industries & Textile Industries.


Specific Properties

It is a fine White Powder, odorless, taste slight and useful in Food Industry as binder, thickener, disintegrating and lubricating agents in tableting and various formulations.

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Textile Industries: Better sizing yarn (warp sizing) to the weaving operations and finishing the cloth after the yarn is woven Better warp sizing.
Better stiffness. Miscellaneous uses of starch ( Other than Food and Pharmaceutical ): Dry cell Battery, textiles, cosmetics, adhesive, ceramics, detergents, laundry, mining and metallurgy etc.

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Functional Benefits

Good Adhesion
Medium Viscosity

Moisture Retention

Package and Storage

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Package : 3-Ply Laminated/Paper/HDPE bags.
Net Weight : 25kg/50kg
Storage : Keep Product away from water, humidity and high temperature to avoid moisture absorption
Shelf Life : Two years from the date of Production

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Corn 3.png
Corn 3.png
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