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M/s. Universal Starch-Chem Allied Ltd. was established by
Hon. Shri. Dadasaheb Rawal in the year 1973.

Hon. Shri. Dadasaheb Rawal was on a world tour where he visited several agro-based industries in America and found a corn refining industry that could be suitable for his hometown. In 1973 he along with his sons started a small 60 Ton/Day starch plant in Dondaicha. Ever since the establishment, the company has successfully enhanced the production capacity of Maize Refining from 60 MTS to 750 MTS per day.

The company product range has been successfully expanded to cater for the requirements of various sectors which include; Food, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Paper & Adhesive industries. The collective effort of different teams like Marketing, R & D, Engineering & Production has helped in several of the new product launches. The company was awarded by Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India as the “Best Vendor” in the category of “Excipient Supplier” for the year 1998-99.
Universal has expanded and is thriving in the sectors of Energy, Environment under the dynamic leadership of Management. For the first time in India, the company was able to supply liquid glucose through tankers. One of the unifying elements of the company is to pioneer production of starch, DMH, DAH, LG and Pregel starches in Maharashtra and distribution of the products worldwide. Further on, the Company has a sophisticated and full-fledged Effluent Treatment Plant along with Bio-Digesters in which Biogas is generated from the factory effluents. The Biogas is being used as the fuel for by-product dryers and boilers and actively participating in the National Campaign of “Save Energy Save Nation”. An expert technical team is engaged by the company for the purpose of Energy Saving. The Company also established
Wind Mills to generate 0.6 M.W. power and also succeeded in establishing a co-Generation Power plant for captive consumption.
The Management is dedicated in the service of Mankind with the production and supply of quality products through the Maize Refining industry. Excellence headways us to grow and brings us together in learning and collectively pushing to open the world of opportunities.

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Commitment to excellence, sustainability and continuous improvement to achieve higher growth by expanding our global and domestic reach and identifying new business opportunities that will broaden our product portfolio. 


Our mission is to strengthen our starch network across the globe while serving all industries sustainably. 

Dadasaheb Rawal (Founder)

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A great visionary, Hon. Shri. Dadasaheb Rawal who envisioned developing his hometown of Dondaicha, Maharashtra, and providing employment opportunities for local people founded Universal Starch-Chem Allied Ltd. in the year 1973.

After completing his Bachelor of Arts degree at Fergusson College, Pune, he went on to obtain an LLB degree from ILS, Pune. 
So popular was he that the people had elected him as their representative in the Legislative Assembly of Bombay state. He went on to become the youngest MLA of Bombay State and started working towards fulfilling his vision. He became a doyen of co-operative movement
in Dhule Dist. In 1959, he established the Electricity Board, the West Khandesh Dhule District Bank, and a dairy in the cooperative sector. The same year, he set up the Polytechnic College in Dhule district which was later renamed after him in 2018.

In 1971 he left for a world tour. During the tour, he visited many Agro-based Industries and found a corn refining Industry suitable for Dondaicha. In 1973 he along with his sons started a small 60 Ton/Day starch Industry in his hometown. He took the lead in updating technology, products, quality, system, transportation and delivery of the powder and liquid products. Through his efforts, Universal became the first company to introduce tankers for the transportation of Liquid Glucose and Dextrose Syrup.

Today, nearly 50 years after its conception, Universal Starch-Chem Allied Ltd. holds high respect in the Starch industry for its quality and regular supply. With a wide range of product lists catering to several industries, domestically and internationally. Dadasaheb Rawal was a visionary par excellence. He first dreamt of big things and then successfully translated those dreams into reality.

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