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Unitex B
(Esterified starch )

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Unitex-B is a high viscosity modified starch produced from corn by chemical synthesis under specific process conditions & parameters.

It has high viscosity, which does not change with temperatures like native starches & give you better coating & binding to the yarn. It is mostly suitable for cotton, Polyester, Linen, Cotton-polyester blend, viscose & their blends. It shows excellent compatibility with starch & other sizing ingredients.


Specific Properties

High viscosity esterified starch

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Corn 3.png
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UniTex-LV 500 is an ideal modified starch for the sizing of  cotton and polyester/cotton blended yarns to be woven on high speed looms.
It is suitable for coarser as well as fine counts and dense construction.

The product is also suitable  for the terry towel.

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Functional Benefits

Highly Stable & Low viscosity resulting in uniform size pick up

Excellent Film properties. Uniform coating, smooth, flexible, tough and transparent film

No retrogradation

No lump formation.

Minimum Dead Loss.

Highly strengthening the yarn with better coating Property.

Reduces the hairiness to great extent and produces smooth surface.

Excellent fibre to fibre binding due to better penetration improving fibre lay in the yarn

Improved yarn to yarn as well as yarn to loom abrasion resistance

Premits reduction/ elimination of PVA and other polyacrylates

100% Eco Friendly, Absence of PCP Urea, Formaldehyde.

Ease of desizing

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Package and Storage

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Package : 3-Ply Laminated/Paper/HDPE bags.
Net Weight : 25kg/50kg
Storage : Keep Product away from water, humidity and high temperature to avoid moisture absorption.

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Corn 3.png
Corn 3.png
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