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Utexlose 40
(Thin boiling )

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Utexlose 40 is a modified starch produced from corn by synthesis under specific process conditions & parameters.

It has medium viscosity, which does not change with temperature like native starches. Utexlose 40 is suitable for Cotton(Coarser Counts), Polyester-cotton blend, Polyester-viscose blend etc.


Specific Properties

Great for proper coating on coarser yarn, increase abrasion and resistance, reduce hairiness.

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Corn 3.png
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Suiting yarn

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Functional Benefits

Utexlose 40 is Medium viscosity modified starch used for sizing coarser yarn along with other sizing ingredients like Softener, Binder etc.
It will gives you better coating on yarn helps in reducing hairiness.
It is compatible with all other sizing ingredients like Polyvinyl alcohol, CMC, Acrylics etc.
Its solution is stable & do not thicken not even after standing for long time.
It provides you optimal weaving efficiency with less droppings on sizing as well as loom.
It can be easily removed by traditional Desizing process.

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Package and Storage

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Package : 3-Ply Laminated/Paper/HDPE bags.
Net Weight : 25kg/50kg
Storage : Keep Product away from water, humidity and high temperature to avoid moisture absorption.

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Corn 3.png
Corn 3.png
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