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Dextrose Syrup

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Dextrose Syrup is a sugar usually obtained by the hydrolysis of starch.

Dextrose Syrup [Liquid Dextrose} are purified and concentrated, nutritive carbohydrate syrup with sweet in taste. Dextrose Corn Syrup is low ash, dematerialized corn syrup with a high dextrose content. These syrups comprises minimum dextrose content of 92 to 94 % (On dry substance basis).


Specific Properties

It is sweet, easy to ferment and often used as sugar substitute. It is ideal for applications requiring high fermentability and sweetness.

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Dextrose Syrup is formulated with vitamins and minerals and sold in packets or containers or used during convalescent periods of physical stress by patients, athletes and students.
Dextrose is used in tableting and as a raw material in the fermentation industry for bio-chemical synthesis of antibiotics (penicillin, streptomycin etc.) and vitamin C.

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Functional Benefits

It acts as substrate for fermentation due to the high dextrose content, combining the characteristics of high fermentability, sweetness and low viscosity.

Package and Storage

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Package : HDPE barrels
Net Weight : 300kgs hm hdpe barrels
Storage : Keep Product away from water, humidity and high temperature to avoid moisture absorption.

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Corn 3.png
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